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Hello, I'm Chris. I create visually appealing web experiences. My specialty is in React web applications. I also build custom websites and user interfaces, all according to the latest W3C web standards guidelines. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together. My email address is ChristopherJBarclay @gmail (trying to avoid spam emails by writing it this way). Thank you for checking out my site!


login page
how to search
new expense
example add expense
full list of expenses

I developed this budget management web application with the React framework and a Udemy course. It uses Redux state management, has Google authentication for users to login, is hooked into a Firebase database to hold unique data for each user, runs on every modern browser, and is deployed on Heroku to be tested by others. Technologies used: React, Redux, JavaScript ES6, Webpack, Sass/SCSS (Scalable CSS), CSS3, HTML5, Firebase, Google authentication, Jest and Enzymeunit testing, Windows Command Prompt and Git Bash terminals. Click the project above to try it out on Heroku!

blank indecision app
where to type
full page of options
indecision does not allow duplicate options
modal popup when option is selected

This React web application aids users in decision-making. I built the app with the help of a Udemy course. Technologies used: React, JavaScript ES6, Webpack, CSS3, HTML5, and Windows Command Prompt. Deployed on Heroku. Click the project above to try it out!